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    Are Boubouki tile stickers also suitable for damp areas such as the shower and bathtub?
    Yes, the material and the adhesive layer are absolutely water resistant, and the stickers are therefore also suitable for long-term use over the tub or shower.

    Can the decorated areas be cleaned normally?
    Yes; this is not a problem using all common household cleaners, and is best done with plain detergent. Cleaning agents which contain chlorine or acids and scouring milk or scouring powder and the use of coarse sponges are not recommended.

    Are Boubouki tile stickers easily removed?
    Yes, the stickers can be pulled off the tile again without solvents and absolutely without any residue. Due to the special consistency of the paperless material, it is possible to pull the sticker off in one piece. However the sticker cannot be used again.

    How heat resistant are Boubouki tile stickers?
    They can be used without any problems to decorate in warm areas, e.g. above a hot plate. However the stickers cannot resist very strong direct heat in the long term; it is therefore not recommended to use them as trivets etc.

    Are Boubouki tile stickers also suitable for tile floors?
    Since floors, unlike tiled walls, are exposed to severe mechanical strains for which the material is not designed, their use as floor decoration is not recommended. Individual productions with suitable foil are possible.

    How long will Boubouki tile stickers last?
    Due to the special consistency of the material and the adhesive layer, properly applied decorations will last for many years. The stickers are also UV-resistant.

    For what tile dimensions are the stickers available?
    Boubouki tile stickers are already confectioned for the standard tile sizes of 10x10cm, 15×15, 15×20 and 20x20cm, 20x25cm and 20x30cm. Special sizes can be custom made on demand if the desired motif is suitable for this.

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